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100% vacation
We are specialists in vacational product.

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We are present in more than 18 countries.

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We offer you the lowest commission of the market.

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We help you to reduce the distribution cost.
How does SolBooking work?
Complete your establishment profile
Upload your establishment data, photos, payment terms and those characteristics that make you different. We will help you boost your business. After validating this information, your business will be displayed in SolBooking and you will begin to sell with us.
We promote you so you get further
At SolBooking we show your establishment attractively, with relevant information-oriented to vacation. We promote your business on Google, Facebook, Instagram and other vertical platforms to help you to sell more. Remember, we are experts in vacation.
We increase the number of bookings and you get customer comments
Reservations made in SolBooking have instant confirmation and with our system of direct payment at the hotel, allows you to better manage your cash flow. SolBooking customers also recommend establishments as yours through our comments platform integrated with Google. Greater range and accuracy in order to enhance your establishment.
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Additional safety measures
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